Easy Ways To Make Your Home Decor A Little More Personal

Your home is the place where you eat, sleep, spend time with friends and family, grow, learn, laugh, and love. It is where you do life. As such, your home is much more than Sheetrock, 2x4s, and a roof. It is you. To display your own personality within this place you call home, try the following tips:

Display Photos of Your Family & Friends

Perhaps the easiest way to personalize your home is simply hanging or displaying photos of your family in various locations. Don’t worry about coming across too pompous. Remember, your home is your space. Surround yourself with reminders of this fact by featuring some of the best photos of your family and friends.

Share Your Hobbies Through Décor

If there is something you love, a sport, crafting, cooking, etc., consider adding décor that reflects this into your home’s décor. This can include art that displays your chosen hobby in various ways. Using hobby themed décor is an easy way to instantly communicate something about yourself with visitors without saying a word. 

Opt For Colors That Reflect You

Choose colors and patterns that reflect your personality when decorating your home. If you love bold colors, try adding throw pillows or an accent piece of furniture in that bold color.  Even if a color you love isn’t “in” at the moment, you can still incorporate into your design theme by using it sparingly.  

Share Your Experiences

If you have traveled all over the world and have neat trinkets, cultural pieces or postcards, display them. There are plenty of easy ways to do this is if you are creative. You can use pieces you procured during your travels to decorate your space. Guests will enjoy seeing what you brought back from all your adventures and hearing your stories.

Personalizing your home is something you should be doing. After all, your home should reflect you, not some designer, architect or celebrity who tells you what is trending. Although there is nothing wrong within vogue décor, what’s even better is personalizing your space to make it uniquely yours. Accomplish this easily by following the suggestions listed above.  

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