De-stress With A Family Staycation This Weekend

Family vacations can be difficult to plan, they’re often expensive and in many cases, they cause more stress than they relieve. Staycations are the answer to your vacation woes, giving you a break from the daily grind without grinding down your sanity or budget. With a little planning and some creativity, you can find that a rejuvenating staycation is a pleasant alternative to traditional trips.

Backyard Camping

Break out the sleeping bags, clean the tent and get ready to enjoy nature without leaving your home. Backyard camping provides the entertainment of sleeping outdoors, cooking over a campfire and getting away from your routine without trekking to a forest. 

Get your kids involved in picking out snacks and bring some spooky books to settle into your home just slightly away from home.

Slumber Party

Combine a night in with a movie marathon, popcorn, and candy, all from the comfort of a plush pillow fort in your living room. Family slumber parties are as much fun to plan as they are to execute; choosing the movies and constructing a fort are both things kids love, and that they’ll remember fondly. 

Just remember to pick the right snacks and to stock the fort with the comfiest pillows possible.

Play Tourist in Your City

Imagine you just got into town to see the sites – where do tourists go? Plan the most touristy route of places you probably take for granted. Eat at local restaurants instead of chains, visit small businesses, and end the day with an overnight at a hotel. This is a good reminder of how much your surroundings have to offer when you look at them in a different light.

Staycations are About Relaxation

Vacations can bring you to some fantastic views or cultural landmarks, but if you just want to unwind, a staycation can be your best bet. This weekend, why not gather your family and stay put?

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