Valentine’s Day Bouquet Essentials

We’ve all heard the cute poem, “roses are red, violets are blue”. However, have you considered what flowers should be in every bouquet? When it comes to Valentine’s Day, every bouquet should be customized to the significant other receiving it. If you aren’t sure, consider making these three flowers front and center.


Roses are a staple to any Valentine’s Day bouquet. They smell wonderful and are readily available. Better still, roses are available in a range of colors and offer a variety of meanings. Red roses mean love and yellow roses mean friendship, so they are acceptable to gift to anyone. 


Lilies are a precious and strong flower. They are resilient, just like the individual receiving your Valentine’s Day bouquet. Similar to roses, lilies are available in many shapes, colors, and forms. You can fully customize which lilies are included in your bouquet to ensure they match your friend or significant other. 


If your beloved is picky in the type of flowers they receive, you can never go wrong with tulips. Their unique shape and bold, bright colors are irresistible. Even the pickiest person can’t help but smell tulips and appreciate their beauty. They perfectly complement roses, lilies, and every other flower in a Valentine’s Day bouquet. 

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, remember that it’s the thought that counts. Your friend, family member, and/or significant other will appreciate whatever flowers you include in your Valentine’s Day bouquet. 

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