4 Kids’ DIY Activities For Spring Break

Spring Break is a great time for kids, but it can be a little stressful for parents. If only we had the same amount of energy as the kiddos! Fear not – we have compiled a list of 4 DIY activities you and your little ones can complete, regardless of the weather. The best part: your house will stay (mostly) in tact!

Obstacle Course

If the weather permits, create an obstacle course in your backyard! If you already have a treehouse or playset, you have a good base. If not, check for items in your garage/attic. You need items the kids can jump over or leap through. You can always visit your local dollar store to pick up pool noodles and hula hoops, which will add to the objectives that need to be completed. 


Nightlights are an easy (and inexpensive) way to keep your kids entertained during the day. These are especially helpful if they still have some fear of the dark. Grab plastic glasses, paper cups, and battery-operated tea lights. Help your kids cut out shapes and secure the paper cup to the glass. They will have fully customized nightlights that are easy and fun to make!

Movie Day

Sometimes, the weather does not cooperate during spring break and everyone is stuck inside. Instead of letting the kids run around the house, have them create a pillow fort! Find some of their favorite movies and get them ready to be snuggled up in blankets all day. You can also create a tasty hot chocolate popcorn for their snacks to add a special twist to their rainy day. 

Save your sanity (and your wallet) by incorporating these fun DIY activities over spring break. It’s only a week – you’ve got this! 

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