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Spring-Inspired Recipes From Your Home Garden

Spring has sprung, and your garden is growing! This is a wonderful time to stretch your culinary skills and create some delicious, home-grown delicacies. We combed through recipes for some of our home garden staples and found a few that were just too tasty not to share! 

Lettuce: Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Your leafy greens are growing, and it’s high time you make something with them other than just a salad. This recipe for spicy chicken lettuce wraps provides a flavorful dinner that is perfect when paired with a patio dinner and the setting sun. 

Carrots: Za’atar Roasted Carrot and Chickpea Yogurt Bowls

There’s something so springy about this delicious carrot dish served with Greek yogurt and lemony kale. Za’atar adds a Mediterranean twist to your typical meal, and really adds a whole new dimension to the carrots and chickpeas used in this recipe. What a fun twist on such a (sometimes) bland vegetable!

Tomatoes: Easy Bruschetta

While this recipe calls for Roma tomatoes, any garden variety will do. As long as they’re fresh — that’s what makes the flavors of this springtime meal really stand out! This is a light and airy dish that is enjoyed best with open windows and breezy nights. 

 Bell Peppers: Linguini with Sweet Bell Peppers and Serrano Chili

This is a quick and easy dish that allows you to throw in some fresh food and flavor, even when you might be pressed for time. Your bell peppers make this colorful and tasty, and the Serrano chili adds an extra kick that will keep you refilling your bowl all night long! 

You’ve done all the hard work and have finally grown your garden vegetables — now it’s time to celebrate by making a feast! These recipes will keep your stomach full and your food palette satisfied all springtime long. 

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