Socially Distanced Summer Activities For The Whole Family

With a world of uncertainty and kids on summer break, it’s important for the entire family to have fun, safe, responsible fun this summer. You can easily help the kids run out of their energy while you keep a bit of your sanity with outdoor activities. Enjoy the summer sunshine and breath of fresh air while appreciating this extra time with the kids. 

DIY Craft Stations

You can set up different craft stations in your backyard and vary the activities based on your kids’ age and interest. You can have them uncover fossils, tie-dye t-shirts, or teach them to make ice-cream. If you don’t want them to be up all night, you can teach them how to make fruity pops instead. If you have some adults who want to join in, you can even have an adult’s only boozy treat station as well. Better still, most craft stations can be done inside or outside. Try to save the messy ones for sunny days and the tame activities for rainy days. 

Messy Twister

Messy Twister should only be played outside in order to avoid a huge mess indoors. However, the mess is the fun of this game! It’s a fun variation of classic twister. Place matching color, washable paint on the dots, and get to the game! For even more fun, wear white watch your whole family change colors!

Backyard Camping

The beautiful thing about backyard camping is you can avoid many of the ticks, spiders, and other insects that want to crawl all over you. Plus, you can quickly run inside if you “forgot” anything. You can teach kids age-appropriate skills and see how many stars are visible at night. 

It’s important to keep the whole family entertained during the summer while continuing social distancing. Shop online for furniture that can make everyone more comfortable indoors and outside, or visit one of our Regency Furniture showrooms today.

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