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Just Keep Breathin’: Simple Tips for Fresh Air in Your Home

With spring just around the corner, nothing motivates you more for the bright weather like a thorough spring cleaning. Here are a few small tips to make the air in your home nice and fresh:

Green Your Space

Having a houseplant can be very beneficial for purifying the air in your home as they can remove toxins while also give you fresh air. Have about one plant for every one hundred square feet in your home for optimal air purity. And as a bonus, houseplants make for a great decor piece. Just make sure that you are cautious about which plants to include if you have pets and small children. Keep flowers to a minimum as their pollen may potentially add to your air problem. At occasion, you should also take the time to clean the leaves in these plants of any dirt buildup.

Stop Smoking

…inside, that is. We’re not saying that you should quit this habit, but keeping those substances outside your home can go a long way in keeping your home from lingering any smells. And yes, this applies to vapes too! If you yourself don’t smoke, make sure you don’t let any guests in your home smoke inside your home. And as an added bonus, make sure that cigarette butts are properly disposed and not littered around the outside of your home.

Keep Your Floor Clean

Carpets can especially be a sponge for all the toxins around your home. Keep them clean by vacuuming regularly. Keep your hardwood floors swept and mopped regularly as well. Avoid the temptation of keeping your shoes on when coming into your home -all that dirt and bacteria that you’ve been stepping on all day will suddenly be welcomed into your home. And make sure to have a doormat so that you’ll have a safe, contained place to take your shoes off.

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