Make Space for Your Holiday Guests

If it’s your turn to host the family for the holidays, you might be stressing about how you could possibly fit everyone in your home. Don’t worry. With a few simple modifications, your home will be ready for the onslaught of guests.

Arrange Furniture for Conversation

Most people have their furniture set up to face a focal point like the television or the fireplace. That’s a good arrangement when you’re relaxing at home, but it’s not ideal for socializing. Instead, move your furniture to make conversation easier. Have chairs facing the sofa or create more intimate groups of seating around the living room. As you do this, remember to include a few extra tables as well. Guests can put drinks on the table or you can set up small appetizers throughout your space.

Find Temporary Seating

You may need to add some seating to accommodate all of your guests. If you have an accent chair in your bedroom, move it down to the living room. Make sure that your large ottoman is in a position that allows it to be used as extra seating. If you need more seating than you have, party supply companies often have folding chairs that you can rent.

Planning a Sit-Down Dinner

Drop-leaf tables are the perfect solution for expanding your table space. You simply add the leaf when you need it. If you don’t already have a table like this, you can increase seating by bringing in another table, such as a folding card table. You may need to think carefully about who sits at which table. Adults may not want to be put at a table that seems like a secondary table. However, kids often like having their own table, so you could put them at the smaller table.


The holidays should be a time that’s full of the joy that comes from being with the people you love. Spaces can get tight, but with a bit of forethought, you’ll be ready to welcome everyone into your home.

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