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Get Crafty With Your Kids! 3 Fun Autumn-Inspired Projects

The fall season brings us so many amazing colors, textures, and abundance it’s easy to find inspiration in your own backyard. So scoop up the family and create crafts together to proudly display during this fabulous time of the year. Here are three Autumn inspired projects to help get the celebration started!

Fall Yarn Wrapping

You’ll need yarn in a variety of fall colors and thin cardboard cutouts of acorns, leaves, apples, pumpkins, etc. Draw and cut out these shapes for patterns and snip notches around each pattern. Tape the end of the yarn on the back of the pattern and start wrapping the yarn around each notch. Display the masterpieces in picture frames on bookcases or fill a bowl with multiples for a fall centerpiece.

Hand Turkey

Gather white paper, a pencil, washable markers or crayons, and a self-adhesive googly eye. First, with fingers apart, lay the crafter’s hand flat on the paper and trace it with the pencil. The fingers are the turkey’s feathers, below the fingers is the body and the thumb is the turkey’s head. Color in the feathers (be creative!) draw on the wings, feet, waddle, and snood. Add a hat and write, “Happy Turkey Day,” and display Hand Turkeys for all to enjoy.

Paint Kindness on Rocks

This craft encourages kids to explore their individuality and spread kindness. First, go on a nature walk and find a rock that will be the canvas for this rock painting project. Then using paint or colored markers encourage your young artist to create a way to spread happiness and kindness. Gather outside around the fire pit and ask all crafters to share the story about their kindness rock.

Regency Furniture encourages you to enjoy the fall season and spend quality time with family, friends, and loved ones.

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