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Hands Off The A/C: Four Cost-Effective Ways To Cool Down Your Home This Summer

As warmer weather looms over your home, you may be tempted to turn down the air conditioner. This summer, do your wallet a favor and don’t. That money is better spent elsewhere for whatever you and your family might need.  So instead, here are a few cost-effective ways to cool down your home:

Get Shady

Blinds and curtains aren’t just for privacy! Use them to block out as much sunlight as you comfortably want. This is especially true for windows that face southward as well as ones that face either east or west depending on the time of day as you may end up getting the most direct sunlight. Also, if you have trees near your home, use them to your advantage; they can provide a natural shade for your home.

Lights Off

In rooms that are not being used, cool them down by turning the lights off. Not only will you make the rooms much cooler, but you’ll also save on your energy bill. And as an added bonus, invest in fluorescent or LED lights which will emit less heat and use less energy.

White Out

When it comes to decor pieces in your home such as your bedding and living room throws, throw in some splatters of white to cool down the darker furniture. White will retain a lot less heat which makes it ideal for summer use. You may also consider investing in some kind of light-colored furniture such as this white linen sofa so that your home can keep cool all year round.

Turn On The Fan

You can use fans to cool down only the rooms you are using. Turn the ceiling fan on -preferably in a counter-clockwise setting- to blow away hot air. If you decide to just use a plug-in fan, give it an extra cool boost by leaving a bowl of ice behind your fan so that the melting cold vapor will blow onto you.

The only thing that should be blowing away from your home is hot air and not your money. Now stay cool!

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