Backyard Thrills: Fun, Kid-Friendly Activities To Bring To The Backyard BBQ

With warm weather turning up the heat, enjoy the sun by throwing your own backyard BBQ party where friends and family are all welcome. Here are a few fun activities to enjoy while you cook up some burgers and socialize:

The S’more, The Merrier!

S’mores are the classic three-ingredient snack of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows that anyone can make near a stylish fire pit like these. Just make sure you don’t let the marshmallows melt into the fire!

Slip And Slide

If your backyard is huge and you don’t mind the muddy mess, then having a wet, watery slip and slide will be a fun alternative to going to the waterpark. It’s the perfect activity for cooling down after a hot day under the sun. Make great memories and fools out of yourselves!

Water Balloons

Get ready for battle by arming yourself with an inventory of balloons filled with water to rumble against other family members. Pick out the most colorful arrangement of balloons possible and fill a bucket full of medium-sized water balloons for each person. You may also consider hanging these water balloons on a tree like a pinata and have a giant stick ready to swing -just make sure you play safely and not become the pinata!

Outdoor Movie Night

If you have a film projector and a giant white sheet to hang on a tree or fence then you are ready to go! Be ready to have popcorn, blankets, and plenty of bug spray for everyone watching. Pick a movie from a cartoon to one of those big blockbuster superhero movies for everyone to enjoy.

Make your backyard BBQ party fun and memorable. Consider these fun activities and have a blast!

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