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10 Easy Steps to Your Own Fire Pit

Fire pits have become a backyard staple right along with patios and pools. But fire pits don’t have to be expensive. The average cost of hiring a professional to build one is about $700. If you’re thinking about doing the work yourself, follow these 10 easy steps.

  1. Safety comes first. Install your fire pit at least ten feet from the house or any other structure. Don’t build the fire pit under tree limbs, or under an overhang like a trellis or arbor. It is also a good idea to check your local fire codes before choosing your spot.
  2. Buy pre-formed wall stones or blocks at your local retail landscaping supplier or big box retailer. Estimate the number of blocks you’ll need based on a three-foot inner diameter multiplied by the height you desire.
  3. Place the first row of stones where you want the pit and then mark the outer perimeter by digging a shallow boundary with your spade or shovel.
  4. Remove the blocks and dig six to twelve inches deep so the first row of wall stones starts below the ground’s surface.
  5. Fill in the bottom of the hole with sand and tamp it down to make it perfectly level. Be generous with the sand. Go at least an inch in depth.
  6. Place the first layer of blocks and tamp them down as well to make sure they’re snug in the sand. Make the stones level.
  7.  Add the additional rows of blocks on top of the leveled bottom ring.
  8. Add a bag or two of lava rocks on top of the sand.
  9. If you dug up lawn for your pit, use some of the loose sod to fill in any spots around the perimeter where the hole may be too big. Or use marble chips or other decorative rocks around the edge.
  10. If you don’t have time to make your own fire pit, don’t worry. Return to step one, and then for step two choose from a selection of fire pits and heaters at your Washington metro area furniture showroom.

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