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Tips On Caring For Your Houseplants

The fear of watching them shrivel up and fade makes many people hesitate to keep up live plants.  There’s no need to continue settling for plastic recreations in the center of your dining room table. Live plants add energy and beauty to just about any area of your house. Use these tips to keep real plants alive and well-maintained wherever you place them.

Don’t Overwater Low Light Plants

Certain plants do well with very little sunlight. Look for plants like Dracaena or Philodendron to add life to the darker nooks within your living room or parlor. Go with something like a Bromeliad if you’re desiring a little more color.

These plants generally require very little water, meaning you don’t have to water them every single day. Check to see if the soil is dry before doing so. Many plants only require you to place a pan of water beneath them to get the moisture they need.

Keep Pests Away With Home Remedies

Nothing’s more annoying than seeing flying gnats congregating around your favorite house plants. One trick you can try is placing garlic cloves in the soil. It helps repel bugs, keeping your plants pest-free.

You can also mix up your own natural bug spray to get rid of any strays. Just combine pepper, dish soap, and water in a bottle and spray down your plants with it. Doing this means you don’t have to worry about spiders as you relax in your favorite rocker recliner.

Give Them A Wash When Needed

Plants collect dust and grime the same way everything in your house does. Letting it sit on the leaves and blooms of your houseplants ends up shortening their lifespan.

Rinse smaller plants off in the sink. You can tackle larger plants by wiping them down with a wet sponge. Prevent harm to plants with fuzzy leaves by using a toothbrush instead. Remove any yellowing or brown leaves while you’re at it.

Using these tips should help your green thumb grow and keep your house alive with plants throughout the year.

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