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Grow A Beautiful Weed-Free Garden

Weeds are a summer challenge especially in our yards and our gardens. Whether you have a small flower garden on the patio or a bigger vegetable garden, it takes special care to keep your plants beautiful and healthy, and the uninvited weeds out. Weeds are not only an eyesore, but they also compete for essential nutrients and water. Here are three easy ways you can grow a beautiful weed-free garden.

Create a Weed Free Foundation

Before you plant one thing into your new garden, make sure the area is weed-free. You can accomplish this in two ways. Either cover the area with a tarp for a few weeks before you plant to smother any existing weeds or add brand new topsoil or potting soil. Adding the potting soil will not only kill the weeds it will provide an additional layer of nutrients.

Hand Pull the Weeds

Keep an eye on your garden and hand pull those weeds! There is an old saying that is so true! It goes like this, “The best fertilizer is the shadow of the gardener.” Get those garden gloves on, get your hands dirty, and pull those aggravating weeds away! There are also products on the market you can apply to your garden that will kill weeds and not hurt your flowers and vegetables.

Cover Your Garden with Mulch

Mulch, whether it is chopped up wood, a layer of newspaper covered with dirt, grass clippings, or packaged mulch purchased from your local home improvement store will add a layer of protection from sneaky weeds. Mulch will also keep nutrients and moisture inside the soil and add a decorative, finishing touch to your garden. 

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