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Better Ways To Bundle Up Without Breaking Bank

As the weather turns cooler you may feel the urge to adjust the thermostat. However, that’s a quick way to shoot up your utility bills unnecessarily. Instead, here are several ways you can bundle up as the temps start to drop without breaking the bank. 


It might not be the first thing you consider but having a warm, plush rug is a great way to help you feel more cozy at home. Often times it is your feet touching the cool floor that makes you feel colder than you really are. With a thick, warm, and comforting rug you can reduce this kind of issue. From runners in the hallway to larger offerings in the living room, there are perfect rugs out there just for you. 


Is there anything better than a night in, curled up on the couch, wrapped up in your favorite throw while watching a movie, and enjoying a snack and beverage? Sometimes it can feel even more comforting to have the air a bit cooler in the house and a thick, warm throw wrapped around you like a giant hug. 

An Inviting Sofa

You will want a sofa that allows you to spread out but also absorbs your body heat. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to this. You can pick from fabric sofas to plush, leather sofas that, once warmed up from your body heat, almost feel like another person next to you. You can also look for sofas with heating elements or add an electric blanket on your sofa for those extra chilly nights when you don’t want to turn up the heat just yet. 

These are just a few of the best ways you can bundle up without breaking the bank. To discover more of your own personal styles and decorating touches make sure to check out the wide selection of furnishings and home decorating at Regency Furniture.

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