3 Decor Ideas To Give Your Office Desk A Personal Touch

Your office desk is the setting where you spend a large part of your day — so why not make it as aesthetically pleasing as you can? Here are a few ideas that will give your workspace an uplifting look and a personal touch. Best of all, these tips are simple to accomplish and are easy on your wallet.

Decorative Lamp

The overhead lighting in your office may be sufficient, but you may be surprised at the effect that a directional light has on your workspace. If you like traditional style, then go with a classic banker’s lamp, which casts bright light and can help with focus and concentration. A gooseneck lamp is another good choice and is easy to find in fashionable colors, or you can keep things simple with a matte black or silver style. If your desk tends to be short on space, go with a task lamp that can be clipped to a shelf or bookcase.


Rather than stowing away files, folders and other paperwork in a cabinet, why not keep the ones you’re currently using withing easy reach — and held between two attractive bookends? You can even make your own by spray painting heavy rocks or look for marble or cast iron bookends in an eye-catching sculptural shape.

Colorful Plant Pot

There’s no easier way to add visual interest to your desk than with a plant pot in an attractive color. You can go the do-it-yourself route and spray paint a terracotta pot your favorite shade of blue or green. Another good choice is a ceramic container with a textured finish or a contemporary pattern. Then, place a low-maintenance plant, such as a peace lily or any type of succulent, inside. Plants help to purify the air and give your office a warm look.

With these three ideas, you can easily give your desk a personal touch. At Regency Furniture, we have a large selection of desks and chairs to help you create an office space that’s an ideal match for your needs and individual style.

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