Ready Set Go! Time For An Easter Egg Hunt

Traditions that celebrate special occasions and passed down through the generations bring families together. One timeless pastime that children of all ages enjoy is an Easter Egg hunt. The great thing about organizing an egg hunt is that it is as fun to hide the goodies as it is to find them. Take a look at some creative ideas that will keep everyone hopping down the bunny trail.

Sweet Treats Hunt

In addition to traditional colored hard-boiled eggs, hide candy bars and other wrapped candy in special spots on the backyard furniture. If your hunters are younger, hide them in easier-to-find spots like under accent pillows, on outdoor chairs, and in flower pots. For the older crowd, hide the goodies in harder-to-find, out-of-sight spots like on top of umbrellas and inside bar tables. 

Tip: Make it a competition and whoever finds the most candy and eggs, wins a special prize!

Show Me The Money! Hunt

This is a great idea for teenagers who feel they are too old for traditional Easter Eggs hunts. Fill plastic eggs with money and gift cards. Hide the eggs both inside and outside to make it challenging. Give the hunters a limited amount of time to find as many eggs as they can. When the time is up, they have to stop hunting.

Tip: Record where you hide the eggs, so you can retrieve those that weren’t found.

Inspirational Message Basket

Write inspirational messages on colorful paper and tuck them inside plastic candy-filled eggs. Instead of hiding them, fill a basket with the eggs, set it on a table, and ask everyone to pull out one or two. Then, go around the table and take turns reading the messages out loud.

The Regency Furniture team hopes you are inspired to create and celebrate new Easter traditions.

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